The Hunter’s Only Outdoor Laser Skirmish Experience!

The Ultimate In
Military Simulation

Battlezone Playlive Laser Skirmish is the ultimate laser tag experience. Communication and team work are critical to achieving your mission objectives. Equipped with the latest state of the art gaming guns, it is up to you to determine which tactics to use as you engage the enemy.

There are no age or fitness barriers, anyone can play…no projectiles, no pain, no bruising! We have family fun events, public events, private events and team building events. Bring your social groups, school groups, work mates and youth groups. Exciting action for birthday celebrations, bucks and hens parties, corporate entertainment…any reason will do!


Maitland Gaol

Maitland Gaol has been home to some of Australia’s most hardened and notorious criminals, but closed as a correctional institution in 1998. Now the cell doors have been swung open and you can join Battlezone Playlive to experience first hand the excitement and realism of live combat gaming! Our full access to the gaol means that no two games are ever quite the same. Will you be tasked with defending the 3-storey kitchen from an onslaught, or tracking down and defusing a ticking time bomb? Our state of the art gaming guns allow us to run the most interactive and immersive gametypes and scenarios ever imagined!

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Salt Ash Weapons Range

Our newest field, the Salt Ash Weapons Range presents the ultimate in bush warfare. Our 10 acres of battleground features vantage points, flanking opportunities and branching trails to outplay your opponents. Will you sabotage the fuel depot, capture the communications tower, or eliminate the opposition’s Captain? All in a day’s work at the Salt Ash Weapons Range!
Battlezone Playlive at the Salt Ash Weapons range is SERIOUS action, and our brand new facilities will let you recover in style! Want to bring a cake? We’ve got plenty of space for everyone!

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Family Fun Under 12's + Birthdays


From, Per Player
  • 1.5 hour session
  • Party rooms available! 
  • Great for birthdays 
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Public All Ages


Per Player
  • 2 hour session
  • Anyone can play! 
  • Bookings are essential 
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Extreme For The Hardcore


Per Player
  •  3 hour session
  • Advanced mission types
  • Not for the faint of heart! 
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Private Exclusive Use of Site

from $49

Per Player
  • Full, exclusive use of site 
  • Tailored to your group 
  • Great for corporate! 
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  1. Call Battlezone Playlive on 1300 661 565 to discuss availability.
  2. A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your booking and reserve your preferred date and time. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or payment by direct deposit. Credit card payments incur a 1.5% administration fee.
  3. After receiving the deposit we will email you a tax invoice outlining your booking details.
  4. You will need to confirm (after receiving our emailed tax invoice) that you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined below, as well as read the booking checklist.
  5. We will contact you 10 days prior to your event to finalize payment.
  6. Sign the disclaimer form and give it to the Battlezone Playlive registration officer on the day of your event.
 COLLECT THE DEPOSIT MONEY IN ADVANCE FROM ALL PLAYERS. The biggest problem encountered by group organizers is collecting money from the players. When told about a laser skirmish event, most people are excited and will commit to play – however without their money, there is no true commitment. Over the years, we have seen a number of organizers who have put up the deposit out of their own pocket only to have some of their players drop out. No-shows forfeit their deposit! If the organizer has paid out of his or her pocket, they will not be refunded. As the organizer you should make sure that your players understand that the Booking Fee is non-refundable. 

If something happens to prevent you joining us for the event you have booked, you can choose to transfer your booking to another date as long as you notify us more than 7 working days in advance at no cost to you.

Transfer fees of 25% apply to transfers under 7 working days. Just call us on 1300 661 565 or email us at to notify us within the allotted time frame. Persons who can’t attend on the day due to extenuating circumstances MAY be given a credit note to be used for another event but you must notify us.

If you cannot attend and do not want to transfer your booking, we accept cancellations received up to 7 working days prior to your event – cancellation fee of 25% will apply. Cancellations within 7 working days of the event will result in forfeit of deposits or fees paid.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that all confirmed players MUST be paid for. No refunds are issued on the day. If you have a change in the number of players, please advise us before the Friday before your booking date, by 12:00pm at the latest.

Directions to each site are linked below:

Salt Ash Weapons Range

Maitland Gaol

Salt Ash Weapons Range

  • Long pants are recommended! Because you’ll be playing in bushland, we highly encourage players to wear sturdy long pants (even if it’s a bit warmer outside) for added protection against any fallen branches or tripping hazards that may be onsite.
  • Wear your best camo! All the skill and stealth in the world won’t save you if you’re too easy to spot in the bush! If you don’t have your own camouflage, we have very affordable shirts and coveralls available to hire so you can sneak up on the opposition!
  • Bring a hat! At Battlezone Playlive, we require all players to wear a hat before you place the headband sensors on your heads. You can wear your own hat, or use one supplied by our staff.
  • Sturdy footwear. All players must be wearing enclosed footwear in order to play. This means NO THONGS, CROCS OR BARE FEET!
  • Sunscreen. You’ll be playing outdoors, so ensure you’re wearing sunscreen to prevent any unwanted sunburn!
  • Mosquito repellant! We strongly encourage players to apply some mosquito repellant before entering the battlefield, especially on warmer days. It can be very frustrating trying to target opponents while trying to deal with mozzies!

Maitland Gaol

  • Sturdy footwear. All players must be wearing sturdy enclosed footwear in order to play. This means NO THONGS, CROCS OR BARE FEET!
  • Bring a hat! At Battlezone Playlive, we require all players to wear a hat before you place the headband sensors on their heads. You can wear your own hat, or use one supplied by our staff.
  1. Please ensure that you, and ALL your players have arrived at the site at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the session for registration purposes.
  2. Once your group is all at the venue, we will need to ensure that all players have signed a disclaimer form (registration form). Please have these completed BEFORE the day of the session to speed up the registration process.
  3. We will only be dealing with the organiser for final payment and registration, so make sure you have taken any outstanding money from your players before approaching the registration desk
  4. . Once all players for the session have been registered, if players have not brought their own headwear, grab one of our hats from the bucket and await the start of the session! Please ensure players STAND BACK from the armoury until the session begins – our staff will be hard at work preparing our arsenal for gaming.

You are welcome to supply your own food and drink for your troops, who will have time to replenish their energy during our half-time break. This half-time break is under 10 minutes, so if you are providing your own food, please keep it to small snack foods. Battlezone Playlive has food and drink on site available for purchase if you need some ice cold drinks or lollies and chocolates.

ANY player who exhibits ANY sign of intoxication will NOT be allowed to participate and all monies paid will be forfeit. At our discretion, we may ask the organiser of the group to remove any player(s) from the playing area.If necessary, all play will be suspended until the player(s) are removed.

All Battlezone Playlive staff are trained in first aid, and if you see ANY injuries sustained during a session, please inform the nearest staff member so that correct procedure can be followed and an incident report form completed.

1) DO’S AND DONT’S: We have a lot to fit in a short space of time. HELP US HELP YOU. Please phone or email us with any questions or concerns to ensure a smooth running of your celebration.

YOUR GROUP MUST BE AT THE FRONT GATE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO SESSION START TIME. It helps to tell everyone to be there a bit sooner so there are no late arrivals.

It is likely there will be other groups attending the same event. If you have everything organised prior to ar- rival it benefits everyone.

The distance from the car park to the actual ‘party room’ is approximately 100+ metres. Consider what you want to bring into the facility. Our advice is to TRAVEL LIGHT.

2) PLEASE HAVE ALL THE FORMS SIGNED AND MONEY ORGANISED BEFORE ENTERING THE FACILITY. We do have extra forms on site if required but remember that ALL under 18’s require a parent / guardian’s signature. ALL players must have a signed form. NO FORM, NO PLAY…it’s mandatory.

You and your group will be escorted to ‘A’ Wing to start your processing. Follow instructions and wait to be called to the registration desk where the liability forms are collected and final payment is secured. From here you will receive further instructions. If you have a party room you will be escorted from this point. Ensure you have a helper to take your supplies at this time. Your players will remain in the ‘holding yard’ and supervised. You can come back to the holding yard and watch the players ‘kit up’ and receive the ‘safety briefing’, or you can stay in the party room.

3) ONCE YOU ARE IN THE FACILITY WE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ANY MOVEMENTS IN OR OUT AFTER START TIME. In other words you need to bring everything with you when you enter, then be pre- pared to stay. We cannot allow you to leave the facility unless in an emergency. Typically, once you’re inside the gates you are there for the duratio

4) THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN HAVE A LOOK AROUND THE FACILITY IS WHEN YOU BOOK A TOUR WITH THE MAITLAND GAOL. We do not and will not allow you to walk around the site. Please tell others who will be arriving for the event. This is for everyone’s safety.

Please tell parents who are ‘dropping off’ or ‘picking up’ children that they will not be permitted entry into the facility. Their children will be ‘released’ at the end of the session and will be escorted to the front gate with you. Please wait with these children until you ‘hand off’ to their carer.

5) Our differing packages allow either catered pizza/drinks OR that you bring your own light snacks. Our ‘pizza packages’ allow 4 slices per player with one can of drink. Please see pizza/drink order form. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR GROUP NEEDS TO VACATE THE PREMISES BY 6 PM. TRAVEL LIGHT.

Do not bring BBQ’s, pie warmers, urns or any other appliance onsite.

6) If you choose the option of game play only, your group will be escorted to the main gate for exit at the end of the event, typically at 5:30. Unfortunately, there is no place onsite for your further celebration unless you have elected the party room option.

7) The ‘party room’. It is an open air exercise yard that is in the centre of the Maximum Security Wing of the prison. This is actually part of the ‘playing field’. There are rules that must be adhered to ensure the safety of everyone. Once the gaming starts there will be no movement into or out of the party room until either our half time break or end of game time.These rules are posted in the party room and form part of your responsibility.

There is no food or drink permitted in the playing field.


 1300 661 565
 1300 661 565

Please call us at any time to discuss your upcoming event with Battlezone Playlive. If we aren’t able to take your call straight away please leave a short message and we’ll get back to you soon. If you prefer, feel free to just send us an email use or use our contact form.

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