Maitland Gaol

The ultimate urban military simulation. A perfect blend of fast paced, close quarters battles and long range sniper duels. All in Australia's most haunted gaol.

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Lock and LOAD.

Maitland Gaol has been home to some of Australia’s most hardened and notorious criminals, but closed as a correctional institution in 1998. Now the cell doors have been swung open and you can join Battlezone Playlive to experience first hand the excitement and realism of live combat gaming! Our full access to the gaol means that no two games are ever quite the same. Will you be tasked with defending the 3-storey kitchen from an onslaught, or tracking down and defusing a ticking time bomb? Our state of the art gaming guns allow us to run the most interactive and immersive gametypes and scenarios ever imagined!

Opening Hours

Saturdays 4pm - 8pm Bookings Essential
Sundays 4pm - 8pm Bookings Essential

How to get there.


6-18 John St, East Maitland NSW 2323

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