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Battlezone Playlive is the ultimate military simulation. No mess, no pain. All action.

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to the Battlezone.

Listen up, recruit! Battlezone Playlive is the ultimate live, interactive gaming experience. This is not your average laser tag. Our combat simulation games are designed for incredible immersion. Our gaming guns are constructed from heavy duty metal alloys for amazing realism, real optics to acquire your target, and the latest in laser skirmish software to ensure you’ve hit your target up to 150 metres away!

Our equipment uses sophisticated infrared and radio technology to engage the enemy, meaning it's completely safe. There are no projectiles, no pain, and no mess.


Maitland Gaol

The Maitland Gaol is home to the ULTIMATE urban military simulation. A delicate balance of cell to cell combat and long range sniping opportunities makes for action packed, quick, challenging gameplay while our huge range of digital weaponry means you’ll always have a new way to play!

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Salt Ash Weapons Range

Will you rush in guns blazing, hoping to catch the enemy off guard? Or carefully make your way to the perfect sniping position? Careful, one wrong step can give away your position! The Salt Ash Weapons Range is tactical and unforgiving. Smear on some face paint and get down and dirty.

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Our armoury is fully stocked with the latest in laser skirmish technology. Forget firing blindly - all of our gaming guns are equipped with red dot or telescopic sights for superior target acquisition.

Varying magazine sizes, ranges and weights mean there's a gaming gun to suit your style, from close quarters combat to long range sniper duels.

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  • Family Fun Sessions

    Our Family Fun events are specially designed for the young…and the young at heart! Bring your mum and dad, brothers and sisters and all your mates! Join us for your birthday for excellent fun, plenty of excitement and free gifts too! HOOAH!

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  • Public Sessions

    Organise your group of family, friends or work mates. Bring your social or church group, your sports team or the entire club…any reason will do. From individual players to the largest groups – our professional and dedicated staff will ensure everyone has a great time!

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  • Extreme Sessions

    This is the ultimate First Person Shooter. Battlezone Playlive offers gamers challenging missions and realistic scenarios. Our mission library is constantly expanding – gamers are required to think tactically and work as a team for a chance at victory.

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  • Private Sessions

    From small social groups to sports teams and corporate entertainment, Battlezone Playlive has a package to suit you. We are able to support up to 100 players at one time, so contact us on 1300 661 565 today to ensure you have the ultimate experience!

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